Here are the policies that the school has in place to try to ensure that every child receives the best they can at Hartest Church of England Primary School. Should you have a complaint, the procedure to follow is listed at the end of this page.

Behaviour Policy – As a school we believe that good behaviour is promoted though a clear code of conduct supported by a balanced combination of fair rewards and consequences within a positive community atmosphere. The purpose of this policy is to recognise and reward acceptable behaviour first and to turn unacceptable behaviour into acceptable conduct so that pupils develop into positive, contributing members of the school community, who are beginning to recognise their place and responsibilities in the wider community as citizens of the 21st Century.

Download Policies: Behaviour Policy  and  Exclusion Policy

Attendance Policy – Hartest Church of England Primary School is committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all its pupils / students and recognises this can only be achieved by supporting and promoting excellent school attendance for all. This is based on the belief that only by attending school regularly and punctually will children and young people be able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. High attainment depends on good attendance.

Download Attendance policy: Click Here

Draft Attendance Policy 2018:  Attendance & Absence Policy 2018

Attendance 2018:  Absence Guidelines MAT

Educational Welfare Officer: School Attendance A Guide for Parents & Carers


Marking and Feedback Policy – Provide consistency and continuity of marking practice throughout the school.

Download: Marking & Feedback Policy 

Calculations Policy – in order for parents and carers to know the mathematical approaches and methods taught, in line with the new national curriculum, please refer to our calculations policy.

Download:  Calculations Policy

Sex, Relationships & Education – Details how we embed the Hartest ethos in informing our children about relationships, emotions, self-esteem and personal safety.

Download:  Hartest Sex, Relationship & Education Policy

Health and Safety Policy – Suffolk County Council has the prime responsibility for Health and Safety and that the Governing Body and Headteacher have specific responsibilities to manage health, safety and welfare at the school level.

Download the Health and Safety policy: Click Here

Charges and Remission Policy  – The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including clubs, educational visits and residential experiences can make towards pupils’ personal and social education.

Download:  Charging and Remissions Policy

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy – All children at Hartest Church of England Primary School are valued equally, irrespective of the nature of their educational needs. Throughout or at any time during a child’s time in school he / she may experience learning, physical, sensory or emotional difficulties which might impair or hinder their learning.  Children who are identified as ‘Gifted and Talented’ may also be seen to have S.E.N, however these children will not be included in SEN data collection.

Download:  Hartest SEND Policy

School Safeguarding Policy – The purpose of Hartest Church of England Primary School’s safeguarding policy is to ensure every child who is a registered pupil at our school is safe and protected from harm. This policy will give clear direction to staff, volunteers, visitors and parents about the expected behaviour and our legal responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children at our school.

Download the School Safeguarding Policy: CHILD PROTECTION & SAFEGUARDING

Download:  Online Safety Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education (Part 1): KCSIE 2016

Download:  Working with Separated Parents March 2018

Equalities Policy – This policy is an attempt to amalgamate all the equalities legislation into one single equality policy and follows the Local Authority model policy guidance.

Download:  Equality and Accessibility Policy

Privacy Notice:  This tells you about the information collected and how we use it .

Download:  Hartest CE Privacy Notice

Download:  Hartest C of E GDPR Information to Parents

Download:  Hartest C of E Primary School Consent Form


The Prevent Strategy

Prevent is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorist or extremist causes. This leaflet will give more guidance on what is happening in schools to follow this.

Prevent leaflet – Guide for Parents


School Complaints Procedure

This is the procedure for resolving complaints involving staff and governors within the St Edmundsbury and Ipswich MAT

MAT Complaints_Procedure 2017