The New National Curriculum: 

The New National Curriculum sets out what pupils should be taught and the knowledge and skills the pupils should attain each year for Literacy and Numeracy and within a key stage for all other subjects. It is for schools to choose how they organise their school curriculum and the emphasis they place on learning from their local area or community.

At Hartest we follow a ‘Theme-based’ approach to the curriculum.  This means that wherever possible, we group our subjects around a theme.  The themes we choose depend on three factors:-

  • What areas of the New National Curriculum we must cover,
  • The opportunities for learning from our local community
  • The interests and needs of the children.

Some subjects cannot fit naturally within a theme and so are taught separately such as Religious Education. Maths often runs separately with links being made whenever possible and in Science some topics will be taught as mini topics if there is not a natural link to other subjects or themes.

At Hartest we follow a two year curriculum plan which allows your child to cover the relevant content over two years.

Your child’s class curriculum plan provides an overview of their studies for the year.

Please note that this is an outline plan and as the year progresses, the teachers may decide to amend this in response to:-

  • The children’s interests and needs
  • A local, national or global significant event occurring during the year. The curriculum will be amended so that the children can learn from this ‘unforeseen golden opportunity’ and therefore develop a greater breadth of understanding and skill development.

At Hartest we value our British heritage and also embrace other world cultures.  Please take a look at some of the ways in which we celebrate these during our school year  British Heritage and Culture Events Summary

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A Guide for Parents

The new national curriculum in English Primary schools Guide, to download – Click Here