Hartest CE Primary School is committed to the Safeguarding and Protection of all our children and members of staff.  All members of staff, Governors and regular volunteers are subject to DBS Checks and an interview panel will include at least one member of staff trained in Safer Recruitment Practices.  Visitors to the school are asked to sign in, read our visitor guidelines and wear a badge whilst on site.  All contractors are also asked to provide photo ID.

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Matthew Coombs
Head Teacher
Alternate Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Elly Boyd
Alternate Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Mary Roberts
Alternate Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Melinda Miller
Safeguarding Governor
Mrs Anna Laflin


For more detailed information please read our Hartest Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy October 2020

An Appendix has recently been added to this document, in response to the school’s closure during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please see Appendix D here: Appendix_D_Temporary_guidance_safeguarding_in_schools_during_COVID_19_pandemic

Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility

Early Help Offerings

Hartest CE Primary School offers opportunities and services to children and families to help support them, such as:

  • Student Voice- through the Student School Council and Eco Council
  • SATS Clubs
  • Breakfast Club and After School Care in The Nest
  • Afterschool Sports and Drama Clubs
  • Lunch time Clubs- including Football Coaching and Computer Club
  • Forest School
  • Education Welfare Officer
  • School Nursing Team
  • Speech and Language Support
  • Family Support Workers
  • PREVENT Duty Training
  • Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Offer

Online Safety Policy

For more information about how we work to protect children when they are accessing programs online please read our Hartest Online Safety Policy 2020