Our Vision

“Developing the whole child”
In our partnership with parents and within our Christian ethos, we aim to nurture, encourage and challenge every child to become the “best that they can be” as they grow into successful, well rounded individuals with a life-long love of learning.

Our Heritage

At Hartest we value our British heritage and embrace other world cultures.  We celebrate British Values during Collective Worship and both through the curriculum and extra curricular events.

Our Aims

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of learning for all children in both academic and personal development.
We aim to foster, encourage and inspire our children to develop:

  • personal growth
  • a ‘can do’ attitude
  • lively, enquiring minds
  • the ability to work hard, to be resilient, to learn from mistakes and to succeed
  • the confidence to question and to argue rationally
  • a sense of self-belief, self-worth, self-confidence and an awareness of the ‘worth’ of others.
  • independent learning and the ability to learn with and alongside others
  • personal values and beliefs, and respect for the religious and moral values of others.
  • a positive contribution to the life of our school and the community
  • a respect, appreciation and enjoyment for their environment, countryside and heritage.

A Community of Enquiry

At Hartest Church of England Primary School we establish the rules for learning and thinking and develop the skills for learning and thinking. We promote a ‘safe community of enquiry’ which promotes discussion where children:

  • Feel their contributions are valued and respected by all
  • Feel comfortable to make mistakes
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Participate freely and actively in discussion
  • Listen to others
  • Develop empathy

Feel a sense of belonging through developing a class identity with clear rules.

Please read more about how we promote the Spritural, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils.  Promoting and Developing SMSC

Our parents and students were asked to contribute to our planning for Collective Worship.  See the results of the survey here. Values for Collective Worship